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Our Projects


TeleHealth Kiosk

The Health Kiosk project involved developing a web and app platform integrated into kiosks with telehealth software for free preventive evaluations. This innovative approach utilized user-centered design, A/B testing, and cloud architecture. The kiosks, installed in partnership with Walmart and shopping malls, served over 350,000 users and were a conduit for direct marketing by hospitals, clinics, health product companies, and others. The kiosks provided valuable health services and functioned as a unique marketing tool for healthcare-related businesses.


Wellness App Telecom

For the second project, Estacion Vital engaged with Movistar Telecom to create a health club platform for 100,000 post-payment mobile users. This collaboration aimed to offer a tailored health management experience, leveraging the broad reach of Movistar Telecom to effectively engage a large user base in health-related activities and information, thereby enhancing their overall well-being through the convenience of their mobile devices.


Wellness App Philips

Estacion Vital signed a $1.5 million agreement with the Philips Foundation to launch a wellness program targeting obesity in the underserved communities of LATAM. This initiative extended the Health Kiosks services, leveraging a Freemium model. The program expanded to various countries in the Hispanic community across the USA and LATAM, furthering the reach and impact of Estacion Vital's commitment to healthcare and wellness.


Longevity App 

Estacion Vital developed a longevity and immigration app for LATAM within two months. This project, which served clients like Ashoka and Lefil Swiss Consulting, effectively utilized UX/UI design principles to create a user-friendly and impactful application. The app was designed to address specific needs in the LATAM region, demonstrating Estacion Vital's ability to swiftly respond to diverse market demands with tailored, high-quality digital solutions.

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Mental Health

Utilized LowCODE, AI tools, and agile methodologies to develop a mental health prototype app tailored for the Hispanic community in the USA. This innovative approach emphasized efficiency and responsiveness to this community's specific mental health needs, showcasing Estacion Vital's commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to address vital healthcare concerns.

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Kiosk in a BackPack

The following innovative project involved transforming their Health Kiosks into portable backpacks. This adaptation was based on extensive market research to enhance mobility and accessibility. The mobile packs allowed the team to move essential health equipment quickly from one location to another, significantly expanding their ability to reach and serve diverse communities more effectively. This project underscored Estacion Vital's commitment to adaptable and community-focused healthcare solutions.

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